About the Company

Egon Kelleter, the company founder, is born on August 20th 1938 in Würselen. His father was an art smith, his mother was a cook.

After completion of elementary school, Egon Kelleter completed an apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher. He spent his years of apprenticeship in Alsdorf and Aachen and until his self-employment he is foreman in a big painting company in Aachen.

Egon Kelleter and Matthias Huyten, The Netherlands, establish the painting company Egon Kelleter in September 1968. At first, two journeymen are employed and in addition a specialist shop for wallpapers and gifts is opened simultaneously.

Egon Kelleter completes the master school. On successful completion he continues the company with two journeymen and two apprentices in the craft trade occupation of painting and varnishing.

First move to the Bleyerheider-Roermonderstraße into a great hall with offices. The company grows steadily. Big projects can now be carried out as well. Bettina Kelleter starts her apprenticeship as an office administration clerk.

Second move to Voccartstraße 59. New techniques are used more strongly in order to distinguish from the competition to a greater extent. The wallpaper business is continued.

On October 21st, Egon Kelleter marries Bettina Kelleter who is already working in the company at that time.

Third move and extension of the premises. This time we move to Straßer Feld 23. Due to the new and great workshop it is possible to work more exclusively on woodwork etc. and to restore furniture.

On November 12th 1980, son Torben is born and on October 1st 1981, son Gerald is born.

The Villa Hammerschmidt is renovated. For the inauguration of Richard von Weizsäcker for Federal President, the Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn must be renovated within 6 weeks. This order is fulfilled successfully and on time and with great courage, power and high level of commitment of the employees.

Individual design of different sales areas in the premises of »Debetz Möbelwelt«.

After an earthquake the Villa Hammerschmidt is renovated a second time.

25th anniversary of the Kelleter company. The company anniversary is celebrated largely in the Herzogenrath High School hall.

Egon Kelleter is being honoured for the 25th anniversary of being master craftman by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Torben Kelleter starts his apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher.

A stucco workshop is opened in Herzogenrath, Geilenkirchener Straße 65. From now on, a growing range of varied stucco elements is produced in the highest quality in our own production. Within the scope of technical possibilities, special designs can be produced.

The Kelleter Tiépolo GmbH is established.

25-year company anniversary of Bettina Kelleter

Gerald Kelleter completes successfully the vocational school for Economy and Administration in Herzogenrath with the general qualification for university entrance.

Completion and dedication ceremony of the new building in Chorherrenweg 4. On continuous expansion, offices and many showrooms for living areas, wellness and swimming pool areas are developed there besides the large stucco and painter workshop.

As probably youngest journeyman Torben Kelleter passes his examination for the master's certificate. At the age of 20, he is awarded with the master award of the Sparkasse for especially outstanding achievements.

Egon Kelleter dies on June 7th and puts his heritage into the hands of his son Torben. Together with his mother Torben Kelleter now continues to run the business in the spirit of his father.

Renovation of the church tower of the St. Joseph Church financed by the donations from the funeral of Egon Kelleter.

With great pride we are looking back on a very successful year 2007. Together with 43 employees, the Béla castle in Slovakia is redeveloped and renovated completely over 12 months by Kelleter employees as well as many regional national projects.

Gerald Kelleter completes his degree in international business administration in Düsseldorf.

Until the anniversary in September, the exhibition area in the company building Chorherrenweg 4 is extended by 200 square metres.

The 40-year company anniversary celebration takes place in September.

2010 / 2011
Expansion of the firm property and construction of a warehouse.

Exhibitor at the Cologne International Furniture Fair. Renovation of the company showrooms in May 2012.

The Kelleter company looks back on 45 years of existence.

Opening of the first ARTE Inspiration shop in Germany and large-scale renewal of the proprietary exhibition.

Exhibitor at the Cologne International Furniture Fair.

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